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Promotional keychains personalized on both sides
Quality and durability at competitive price
The hardness of the maple wood combined with the depth of the engraving, make it a durable product and 
resistant to the wear of time. Many years of use will not erase the information on your keychain, as it is 
deeply etched in the wood. The resin dome protects the printed surface from weather and scratches.

A doubly effective promotional item
As you will see, our keychains are made of varnished maple wood, with laser engraving on one side and 
an image of your choice covered with a domed resin on the other. very resistant to scratches. They are 
not only solid and light, but they are especially different from the other products that are currently available 
on the market, since their production is entirely made here in the workshops of our company 
and we can do them with your logo or photo and according to your criteria and at competitive price.

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