About Creation Charbonneau

Established in 1980, Les Créations Pierre Charbonneau inc. is an international leader in the creation of representative objects made of wood such as pendants, key rings, plaques, bookmarks and gift collections for children. Pierre Charbonneau, a cabinet maker by trade, always loved working with wood. At the onset, his passion was merely a hobby but has acquired a regional and national clientele over the past thirty years. Who has not seen a person wearing one of his pendants or a person who owns a carved wood product? They have been made in Mirabel for the past 30 years and are in demand across North America and in Europe.

Throughout the years, the company developed new woodworking techniques. The modern installations opened the United States and international markets. The purchase of numerical control machines, engraving equipment, laser cut-out and epoxy application ensure high quality and increase the product portfolio. All our wood objects are produced in our workshop by our passionate team which guarantees product quality, adherence to your specifications and a personalized service. Hearts, crosses, key rings, wood pendants, crucifixes, plaques or wood pieces are cut according to your needs and are worked with precision and attention to detail. We use the following species: maple, pine, guibourtia, black cherry, American walnut, Peru black walnut, etc.

Créations Pierre Charbonneau serves religious communities, schools, gift shops, all types of organizations and businesses who sell or offer the objects. The company is in growth mode and has purchased the most up to date cutting equipment. Créations Pierre Charbonneau has matched technology with wood cutting experience to supply various objects shaped to meet your needs. Créations Pierre Charbonneau’s wide selection of wood objects make original and much appreciated gifts and the tailor-made objects enjoy an established reputation. Contact us for all yours needs in this field.

Les Créations Pierre Charbonneau controls two trademarks namely Religious articles made of wood for the creation of various religious objects and Pegazoo which creates personalized representative wood objects.


The quality of our work will meet your approval whether you are purchasing a pendant, a keyring or a bookmark. Les Créations Pierre Charbonneau create objects made of wood and offer a vast choice of products for your own pleasure, to present as a gift or to promote your organization. They are a supplier of choice for precision cut wood objects.



Every object designed is a unique piece due to the wood’s grain, numerous hues and changing texture. We transform each piece of wood in our shops to enhance the concept of our products. Wood is an exceptional raw matter.



If you are hosting a special event, promoting your corporate identity or for any other need that requires personalized wood objects, our 30 years of experience in the field of precision wood cutting ensure that these products will showcase the importance of your organization.